Patient Education

Patient Education Resources
women's health link /  WebLink
Mayo Clinic Women's Health /  WebLink
WebMD Women's Health Links /  WebLink
Women's Health Resources /  WebLink
Female Health Links /  WebLink
Women's Health Education Links /  WebLink
Pregnancy - general 1 /  WebLink
Comprehensive Links to Vulvar Problems /  WebLink
Chronic Pain Links /  WebLink
Vulvar Self Exam /  WebLink

Pelvic Pain
pelvic pain organization /  WebLink
vulvar pain organization /  WebLink
vulvodynia (vulvar pain) /  WebLink
Pain Treatment and Management Resources /  WebLink
Vulvodynia and Vulvar Vestibulitis /  WebLink
Interstitial Cystitis /  WebLink
American Pain Foundation /  WebLink
Information about pain /  WebLink
Info on Interstitial Cystitis /  WebLink
Low Oxalate Diet /  WebLink
Fibromyalgia and Vulvodynia /  WebLink
Fibromyalgia symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and research /  WebLink
Comprehensive pelvic pain web links /  WebLink
Irritable Bowel Syndrome /  WebLink
Painful sex /  WebLink
Books on Vulvodynia and Interstitial Cystitis /  WebLink
Pudendal Nerve Entrapment /  WebLink
Pelvic pain - E-medicine /  WebLink
Painful Intercourse with Vulvar Vestibulitis /  WebLink
Interstitial Cystitis #2 /  WebLink
Benign Vulvar Disorders /  WebLink
Interstitial Cystitis #3 /  WebLink
Intetstitial Cystitis #4 /  WebLink

Sexual Health
sexual health /  WebLink
Vaginismus /  WebLink
Vaginal Dilators /  WebLink
Good site for links and books /  WebLink
Good site for Female Sexuality /  WebLink
Sexual Health Info Center /  WebLink
Books by Lonnie Barbach, PhD /  WebLink
Loss of Sexual Desire /  WebLink

Common Illnesses
menopause /  WebLink
osteoporosis /  WebLink
endometriosis /  WebLink
endometriosis treatment-Lupron /  WebLink
PMS /  WebLink
Premenstrual Syndrome /  WebLink
Diagnosis and Treatment of Common Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Women / AMA
Birth Defects /  WebLink
Infertility resources /  WebLink
Metformin and polycystic ovarian syndrome /  WebLink
Common Intestinal Problems in Women /  WebLink

Staying Healthy
Nutrition and Diet Resources /  WebLink
Medications and Pharmaceuticals Resources /  WebLink
Exercise and Fitness Resources /  WebLink
Alternative Medicine Resources /  WebLink
General Health /  WebLink
Pregnancy /  WebLink
Contraception /  WebLink

VBAC site /  WebLink
Safety of drugs and chemicals in Pregnancy /  WebLink
Doulas - support in labor /  WebLink
Lamaze - childbirth education /  WebLink
Breastfeeding /  WebLink
Infertility /  WebLink
Pregnancy and Infant loss /  WebLink


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